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YOUVIC Property Management Inc. is a boutique property management firm located in Ontario, Canada offering services to large-scale property investors from all over the globe who are interested in property investment in Mississauga and the Greater Toronto Area. YOUVIC also provides local property owners, buyers and local tenants with property management services, profitable trading and leasing options.

Established in 2011, as a fresh and young organization, YOUVIC has the appropriate amount of contacts, pool of clients, as well as competent and skilled staff to provide exceptional service to its clients.  YOUVIC’s primary focus is on international property investors who are looking for lucrative investing opportunities with a high return of investment.

YOUVIC works with clients who wish to buy property at competitive prices or who wish to lease property for a long period of time.  YOUVIC clients benefit from turnkey and after sale services of management and maintenance of the property, whether leased or bought.  YOUVIC works with local financial institutions to facilitate the financing of its client’s purchased property at the most suitable financing rates available in the market.  Since service organizations are satisfaction dependent, YOUVIC has the most competent staff who provide exceptional service for our clients.

Core Values

Our core values are our DNA.  They are what differentiate us from our competitors and distinguish our business approach.  Our 7Cs are:

  • YOUVIC is committed to deliver excellent service to its clients.  Our commitment to client satisfaction is a venture we engage ourselves continuously and work towards improving
    and achieving it relentlessly.  Commitment to adherence with applicable laws and regulations is not only lawful, but also a joy in what we do and in the way we do it.
  • YOUVIC staff is competent in their areas of specialty.  We have a team of handy people who will work diligently to provide exceptional service that meets and exceeds our clients’
    expectations and sets a new dimension of competence to client service.
  • YOUVIC is committed to being competitive in the marketplace.  Our prices are competitive.  Our package offering is competitive.  Our management fees are competitive.  
    In all, we are a competitive client focused organization.
  • YOUVIC will work in confidence with all its clients.  Confidentiality of contractual agreements, its status, its fees and its conditions are individual and client unique.

  • YOUVIC will be consistent in all that it does to all its clients.  Throughout the life of the contract, we will remain consistent in our fees, service, management style and
    client focus.  We will continuously improve our business processes to ensure a high level of service at the most economic cost.

  • YOUVIC will always be a client focused organization.  Serving our clients will be our top priority and sole focus.  Our belief is that the more client focused we are,
    the more client retention will be concrete.

  • YOUVIC will always be a company that seeks 100% compliance to laws and regulations related to its business.  By maintaining a clean sheet, we will guarantee our clients
    the best value for their money, and will continue to be preserving of their rights as Landlords and Tenants equally.


YOUVIC is the provider of choice for professional, simplified and value added property management services to exclusively selective large-scale property investment clients targeting Mississauga and the Greater Toronto Area

Strategy Map Concepts

Strategic themes

  • Our strategic themes are driven from our vision and will be the guide onto exceptional service to our clients.
  • We will work to provide our clients with competitive buying prices for the property they seek to buy. 
  • We will offer our clients long term leasing opportunities for the property of their choice.   
  • We will relentlessly seek to offer our clients value for their real estate by offering competitive selling prices for their pre-owned property. 
  • We will maintain a high level of professionalism in all our dealings with all our stakeholders to the level consistent with the name brand that we assert.

Financial Perspective

Similar to any business organization, YOUVIC will thrive to make profit.  However, our philosophy is different than others. Our profit is based on sustainability of current and attraction
of prospective clients while generating income that is sufficient to cover our costs, as well as making marginal profit that would enable us to develop and improve our business and serve
our clients better.

  • For any business to continue in a competitive market place such as ours, sustaining current and attracting prospective clients is a primary financial goal.
  • Generating sufficient income would enable us to retain our current competent professionals and hence provide you with our current level of service.
  • Generating a reasonable profit will enable us not to only maintain our current staff, but it will provide for us the opportunity to develop our talents to serve you better.

Clients Perspective

Our clients are the ones who will make us or break us! Our Client Focused core value means that we will work to achieve our vision and strategic themes with partnering with our clients.
Our largest client segment is the international property investors who are pursuing lucrative investing opportunities with the highest and fastest Return on Investment.Our secondary
client segment is the Canadian immigrants, who wish to buy property in our area of business, or residents who wish to lease residential property or current owners who wish to sell their
property at a profit and move on.

To our clients, we will do the following:

  • Because we monitor the market very closely, we will offer our clients competitive buying opportunities to ensure that they have the best value for their money.
  • Since we partner with numerous organizations, we will manage to provide leasing property with exceptional services consistent with our core values.
  • With our exceptional experience in market supply and demand, we will offer the suitable advice to our clients as to when to sell property for a profit.
  • Because we maintain solid connections with banks, we are in a position to provide our clients with competitive financing schemes for the property they will buy.

Business Processes Perspective

Our business processes are client focused and aimed at effectiveness and efficiency. Our aim is to provide services to clients at the most economical cost internally while seizing the
most profitable opportunity in the market. Our business processes will cater for our clients’ needs and for our goals of efficacy, cost containment and profitability. To us, our business
processes will entertain our clients and will be:

-  Client pool will enrich our business prospects.  At YOUVIC, we will maintain an updated database of clients who have specific needs that we will entertain.  Our database will be
   for selective group of clients whom we exclusively provide customized services.
-  To entertain clients’ needs and in order to meet, and exceed, their expectations, our modus operandi is timeliness in our professional services approach.
   Since we are professional services provider, there are key attributes of our business that we should maintain to entertain our clients.  Our operation is automated, user friendly,
   efficient with state of the art systems, tools and equipment.
-  Through our partnering with sister organizations and service offices, we will provide our customers with a one stop shop service including financial, legal and property management.
-  As a law abiding firm, we will consistently be compliant with all tenant acts, rules and regulations to ensure that YOUVIC will have a clean sheet towards the governmental bodies.

Human Capital Perspective

Our people are the foundational core of our business. Successful, competent, trustworthy and qualified staff is a handful of many other attributes that make our Human Capital. At YOUVIC,
our people are second most valuable to clients.

  • YOUVIC will have professional property management specialists who will provide the appropriate, adequate and timely service to our clients.
  • YOUVIC will have competent technical staff who will respond to client needs efficiently.
  • YOUVIC will have the appropriate technical, administrative and industry specific professional development to ensure and maintain the appropriate level of service to our clients.


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