Our Team

YOUVIC Holdings Group hosts an outstanding team of department managers, executives, licensed consultants and support staff. Our team spares no effort in delivering results and meeting clients’ requirements through personalized services tailor-made for our valued customers. Through their solid industry expertise and their pledge to dedicate ample time to each client, our team members are committed to successfully meet client objectives. We take pride in our qualified and motivated talent pool and skilled experts.

At the top of the organizational hierarchy is the founder George Younan.

George Younan, President of YOUVIC Holdings Group Inc. is a skillful entrepreneur with more than 20 years’ experience in management and customer service. He has particular expertise in the development industry both domestically and internationally. George Younan is a member of the Canadian Arab Business Council.

YOUVIC Investments Group Inc. was formally established in the year 2008. Along with his son, Vice President, Victor Younan, George takes pride in the quality of service YOUVIC Holdings Group Inc. provides for its clients. Since 2008, YOUVIC Holdings Group Inc. has loyally served its clients and is presently formally recognized as YOUVIC Holdings Group Inc.

George welcomes each client personally and provides hands on assistance with attention and enthusiasm. “[We do not compete, we complete] is our company slogan. It speaks to the quality of services we offer our clients. Our focus is ensuring that at the end of the day our clients are well taken care of” – George Younan